What Is A Auto Recall - Silsbee Motor Company

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) orders recalls when they obtain evidence that a motor vehicle or its equipment has a safety-related defect or is in noncompliance with federal motor vehicle safety standards.

An auto manufacturer that is issued a recall must create a report regarding the unsafe vehicle or equipment by disclosing:

  • The population affected
  • The events leading to the recall order
  • A detailed description of the steps taken to remedy the situation
  • A complete schedule for the recall

The Auto Recall Process

After an auto manufacturer has released their report, they must enact the recall schedule. The manufacturer is obligated to notify owners of the recalled product(s), which the NHTSA will monitor to ensure all owners receive notification. Depending on state laws, this may require the manufacturer to contact distribution chains and purchasers directly or combine their records with state vehicle registration records to reach everyone affected.

The notification letter must contain the following:

  • A complete description of the defect or noncompliance issue
  • The risks the owner may face if the hazard goes unrepaired
  • Options the owner can choose from if they’re unable to have the problem corrected for free in an ideal amount of time
  • A succinct description of the free solution or remedy owners are entitled to and how long the process will take

When an owner is unable to have recall work completed or is having issues with the process, it’s advised they contact the dealer service manager or a manufacturer representative first. If the issue isn’t resolved in a few days after contact or the service manager or manufacturer charges for the repair, it’s best to call the NHTSA immediately for mediation and to guarantee cost-free repairs.

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