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Modern technology has made it possible to take old vehicles and modify them with the latest accessories. New technologies’ plug-and-play capabilities help bridge eras. Here’s some tech you can use to bring your older car into the 21st Century.

Making Used Cars New Again with Updated Technology

  • Bluetooth Adapter – No modern car is complete without one. Most newly manufactured vehicles come with Bluetooth features built in, but you can give your older car Bluetooth capability thanks to plug-in devices. Which plug-in you choose depends on the existing connections in your car. You can purchase aux-in port Bluetooth kits like Himbox for less than $40, which also comes with a USB port to charge smartphones.
  • Back-up Cameras –  Rear view cameras are becoming a safety staple in most modern car models. Fortunately, rear view cameras are relatively easy add-ons to install. Industry experts recommend the Esky system, which only costs $35 and comes with a camera that mounts easily on your vehicle’s license plate and a foldable screen to put away when not in use. The $100 Pioneer ND-BC8 camera is another excellent choice.
  • Window Mounted Heads-Up Display – Although most drivers use their phones for GPS, plenty of drivers still use GPS devices that come standard in most modern vehicles. Drivers in older cars can easily install window mounted HUDs. They are more affordable than ever, with SEI units, which provide essential features like speed information, alerts and turn-by-turn directions, priced at just $89.

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